New Rustic House Siding

New siding for an old look. Exposed face is the original bandmill surface. Back is planed with edges tongue and groove. Pictures reflect an architect’s choice for a new house in Santa Cruz county.

  • Net thickness is 11/16″ but can be made 3/4″. Available in 1×4, 1×6, and 1×8. Install horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Exterior or interior.
  • The siding is made so that the exposed face is not quite flat or exactly even with the connecting board.
  • Face is meant to oxidize naturally without a finish.
  • This product is not available commercially, is special order and priced at $2.80 board foot for the common grade which is pictured. ($1.40 linial foot for 1×6). Higher grades available: Clear $2.50, clear heart $3.75 linial foot.

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